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Founded in 1979, Lakewood Budo Kai is frequently "in the news". Featured in the Long Beach Press Telegram, the Lakewood Herald American, and on television, our Long Beach martial arts and self defense classes help men, women, and children learn how to defend themselves. Click on a link below to find out more information about our classes.

Women's Self Defense - Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific  
Long Beach, California.  Lakewood Budo Kai recently held a private Women's Self Defense class for staff members of the Aquarium of the Pacific.  Attendees learned simple and effective self defense techniques, what to do in dangerous situations, how to get away quickly, and how to minimize the chance they will be attacked.  The session taught women how to defend themselves from unwanted advances, attacks on the street, being choked, and a variety of other grabs.  See our Women's Self Defense page to schedule a class for your group.

Kodenkan Yudanshakai 50th Anniversary  
Tucson, Arizona.  Lakewood Budo Kai attended a three day event to celebrate the Kodenkan Yudanshakai's 50th year anniversary of teaching martial arts and self defense techniques.  Our Jujitsu and Karate students learned advanced throwing, kicking, blocking, and striking techniques from 8th degree black belts.  A ceremony was held immediately after the workout where several of our black belts were promoted to their next rank.

Disabled Self Defense  
Long Beach, California.  Adults with disabilities are vulnerable to an attack.  Lakewood Budo Kai put on a self defense clinic to disabled young adults with autism.  Our simple and effective techniques help the disabled adapt to a lifestyle that allows them to go outdoors and provides freedom from worry when they leave their homes.

California Against Slavery  
Long Beach, California.  Many vulnerable women and children are held against their will and forced to sell their bodies. The victims are often girls as young as 12 who are sexually exploited for the financial gain of human traffickers.  At the request of California Against Slavery, Lakewood Budo Kai put on a self defense clinic providing women the best chance of survival by utilizing simple, effective, and proven self-defense techniques. Safety and survival in today's world requires that women and children know self defense. We are proud to help California Against Slavery, a non-profit human rights organization and their goal to put an end to human trafficking.

City of Long Beach Awards Certificate to Martial Arts School  
Long Beach, California.  The City of Long Beach awarded Lakewood Budo Kai a certificate in recognition and appreciation of "Lakewood Budo Kai's commitment to providing excellent instruction and community service throughout the greater Long Beach area for over 30 years.  The City of Long Beach applauds your efforts to educate the public, keeping them aware of safety and the importance of self protection. Throughout your program, thousands of people have been more aware and able to achieve greater personal levels. Your women's self defense program has allowed women to become more independent and confident."

Long Beach Martial Arts School Trained with 9th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Legends  
Anaheim, California.  Students of Lakewood Budo Kai trained with martial arts legends Fumio Demura and Gene LeBell. Our Karate students learned the finer points of punching, blocking, and striking techniques.  In separate sessions our Jujitsu students were taught a wide range of new locks, holds, and submission techniques. Fumio Demura, Sensei is a 9th degree black belt and Japanese Shito Ryu karate expert. His martial arts skills have been featured in the Karate Kid series of films.  Gene LeBell is a former American Judo champion and is an expert in grappling. In February 2005, Mr. LaBell was promoted by the United States Judo and Jujitsu Federation to 9th degree black belt in Kodokan Judo.

Traditional Martial Arts School Created Dynamic Opening for Karate Kid Movie  
Long Beach, California.  United Artists asked Lakewood Budo Kai, one of Long Beach’s oldest running traditional martial arts schools, to provide an exciting martial arts demo to help promote the opening of the Karate Kid Movie. “We’re partnering with UA Marketplace to help promote the new Karate Kid movie." Traditional martial arts -- crosses borders, builds confidence and teaches people how to defend themselves. The Karate Kid movie helps highlight those same messages. In conjunction with UA Marketplace we’re helping demonstrate those messages to the community of Long Beach.”

Special Training with Jujitsu Master  
Alameda, California. Students of Lakewood Budo Kai were honored when we were invited to receive special jujitsu training from master and legend Professor Wally Jay.  Professor Jay invited us to his personal dojo in Alameda, California where it was an honor to learn from the master himself. This was all made possible through the special history and respect between Lakewood Budo Kai's head instructor and Professor Jay. Professor Jay is founder of Jujitsu America and has received numerous awards including:
  • Jujitsu Instructor of the Year (Black Belt Magazine 1969)
  • Man of the Year (Black Belt Magazine 1990)

  • Sister City Program - Lakewood Budo Kai Honored in Yokkaichi, Japan  
    Yokkaichi, Japan.  Lakewood Budo Kai was invited to become a member of the Long Beach - Yokkaichi Sister City Program. The sister city program, sponsored through the City of Long Beach, helps foster cultural exchange and understanding between Long Beach, CA and Yokkaichi, Japan. As a gesture of friendship and exchange, Lakewood Budo Kai sent a senior representative to Japan to meet with cultural officials and heads of other Japanese martial arts schools. We are proud to be a member of the Long Beach - Yokkaichi Sister City program and are working to build cultural exchange and relationships. For more information, please visit

    Lakewood Budo Kai Celebrates 30 Years of Teaching Self Defense in Long Beach  
    Long Beach, California. Lakewood Budo Kai celebrated its 30th anniversary of teaching jujitsu, karate and women's self defense techniques in the Long Beach area. To help commemorate the event, two days of special workouts were held. Visitors from Northern California, Colorado, and Arizona made a special trip to Long Beach to help us celebrate the event. We also received special commendations from the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger for our three decades of contributions to the Long Beach community. The event was capped with a luau dinner and video history of the organization.

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